Sponsor a child

The Msenwa Foundation thank you for your interest in sponsoring a child in one of our partner schools! Your donation of only $40/month ($480/year) provides one of these precious children with:

  • School fees
  • A uniform & educational supplies
  • Feeding program during school
  • Basic medical care as needed and child care
  • Loving care, hope, healing and a great education

Many of our children live too far away to travel each day for education or are orphaned or in a rescue situation. You can provide a special opportunity for a child for full room and board  as well as education for $80 per month.

When you sign up to become a sponsor with us, your support will go straight to a child that has been identified as not having access to education, giving them the amazing privilege and opportunity to have a more secure and healthy future. We can all agree that education is critical to children and families and such an important tool that provides the necessary keys for more thoughtful, forward thinking decisions. Several studies have concluded that children who complete primary education are more likely to end the cycle of poverty in their generation. Education increases confidence and sufficiency.

Sponsorship is a 1 year commitment with an opportunity to renew the next year. To start making a difference in a child life, sign up or learn more about this program please contact Christine Flato at: themsenwafoundation@gmail.com

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