Empower a widow

Thank you for your interest in empowering a widow  with one of our partners through a micro-loan, entrepreneurship training or urgent medical and emotional care! War has destroyed lives, but you can help rebuild them.

  • Empower a widow through a micro-loan ($300 – 500). The Msenwa Foundation uses a group lending approach and provides mentorship support throughout the business development process (creating a business plan, bookkeeping, saving, etc.).
  • Empower a widow through entrepreneurship training ($1000). This will cover training materials, enrollment fee and start up funding.
  • Provide urgent medical and emotional care for a widow ($100-500, or more as needed).

War in the Democratic Republic of Congo has had a devastating impact on all citizens but especially women who have lost their husbands. DR Congo has been labelled the “rape capital of the world” as women are systematically targeted and attacked on an unprecedented scale, many of them being widows. Many Congolese widows have no inheritance rights, no access to education, and financial services including loans.

The Msenwa Foundation empowers widows to break the cycle of poverty by offering them access to micro-loans, entrepreneurship training and urgent medical and emotional care. These tools enable widows to become self-sustaining.