Sponsor a youth

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a youth in high school, university or apprentice program  with one of our partner schools! We accept support for school sponsorship throughout the year.

  • To sponsor a student in High School, the cost of one full year is $480 (this includes school fees, uniform, educational supplies, basic medical care). You may choose to pay this on a monthly basis at $40/month.
  • To sponsor a University student, the cost of one academic year (2 semesters) is $2,000 and you may choose to pay this on a monthly basis for $167/month (this includes school fees, educational supplies, food and accommodation). You also have the option to cosponsor a university student for $1000/year or $84/month.
  • To sponsor a youth for an Apprenticeship program (6 to 12 months), please contact us as the cost differs between programs.  Apprenticeship programs generally cost less than one year of university.

Sponsorship is a 1 year commitment with an opportunity to renew the next year. To start making a difference in a youth life, sign up or learn more about this program please contact Christine Flato at: themsenwafoundation@gmail.com

Democratic Republic of Congo has been in war since 1996, which has had an enormous impact on the living conditions of people. Many youth have been forced to become war soldiers while many others have been displaced internally and others have been living in refugee camps for over 19 years.  Many high school graduates in DR Congo and Nyarugusu refugee camp have lost hope for furthering their education due to the high cost of attending school.

We strongly believe that a good high school and university education not only is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and can create a better future for children and their families but that it can empower young people to gain the skills they need to secure dignified employment and income. We invite you to sponsor a student and invest in the future of Democratic of Congo and Africa, one youth at a time.

We encourage engagement between students and sponsors

One of the most rewarding aspects of sponsoring a student with us is getting to know your sponsored youth personally, and see firsthand how your generosity can positively affect the students and their family’s lives. We will:

  • Send you regular updates on students’ school progress
  • Give the students the option to write letters directly to you
  • Let you know about students’ current family living situation on a regular basis
  • Invite you to travel to Nyarugusu refugee camp (Tanzania), and  DR Congo meet your student and their family one-on-one.