Nyarugusu Camp Blog

Nyarugusu Camp was established in 1996 to host the influx of  Congolese forced to leave their country due to war that has caused the death of about 8 million.  In 2015, the camp’s population grew from 68,000 to 250, 000 due to the influx of Burundian refugees fleeing political violence.

  •  Nyarugusu Camp has poor sanitation, no jobs, high birth rate, rapes, etc.
  •  No educational opportunities beyond high school
  • Over 55% of Nyarugusu population is below age 18 – over 200 graduate from high school every year

What We are Doing in Nyarugusu

  • Providing feeding and teaching programs once a week to 50 children at risk of malnutrition
  • Sponsoring high school graduates to go to university in neighbouring countries
  • Organizing workshops and seminars on various issues

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